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Sci-Fi/Fantasy Big Bang

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A Big Bang challenge open to all sci-fi and fantasy fandoms.
Sci-Fi and Fantasy Big Bang
What is the Sci-fi and Fantasy Big Bang?

This Big Bang challenge is where you have four months to write a 10,000 or 25,000 word story.

Not an author? No worries, there’s plenty of room for artists, beta readers, alpha readers and cheerleaders. This Big Bang is specific to Sci-Fi or fantasy based fanfic.

There are some excellent Big Bang comms out there…this is to expand on that, not to infringe on them. Some sci-fi followings are small and I wanted a chance to put a large collection of sci-fi/fantasy big bang fics together.
What can I write about?

The list is broad:

If you’re into movies, you can write about anything from Tron to Lord of the Rings to The Matrix. Maybe you are an anime or cartoon fan? Then write a big bang fic for anything from Thundercats to Cowboy Bepop and anything in between.

Video games? Sure, bring on the Bioshock or Final Fantasy fic. Is TV your thing? Then write a Star Trek fic or maybe you’ve been itching to write an ALF fic.

Want to expand on a book universe? Go for it. Or perhaps you want to take a beloved fandom and give it a sci-fi or fantasy twist? By all means!

Vampires, werewolves, dinosaurs, aliens, fringe science, fairy tales…all of them fit into the category.


Please check This Post for our most up-to-date timeline!

Feel free to join the community even if you can't participate. And don't forget to promote!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate ask one of your moderators.
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