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Becoming, Marvel Cinematic Universe with an AI twist, PG-13

Title: Becoming
Author: gekkoryu
Beta Reader: coneycat
Artist: vesryn
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe with an AI twist
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Child neglect earlier in the series and some discrimination. Mild references to violence, mostly off-screen.
Summary: Part of a series (the rest can be found here:, called, “brilliant and quietly horrifying,” that sharpens and explores Loki’s segregation in Asgardian society through the meaning of being “real” and sentience. These themes continue into a Post-Avengers world where Tony and his A.I.s begin to struggle with the same thing.
Basic Inspiration for the series: Frigga was so protective of her son Thor that she won't let anyone else near him. To ensure the prince will not be lonely the Allfather commissions a golem to keep him company, constructed of white birch to grow over time. Loki becomes Thor's closest friend and confidant, but then Thor grows up.
Link to Story:
Link to Art:
Author notes: If you haven’t already, reading the rest of the series might be helpful.
Tags: fandom: marvel comics

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