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Human bound Fae, True Blood, R

Title: Human bound Fae
Author: pairatime
Beta Reader: love_vargas
Fandom: True Blood
Characters/Pairings: Hoyt Fortenberry/Jason Stackhouse
Rating: R
Warnings/Enticements: None main character death, dark humor
Word Count (Optional): 27,298
Summary: At last their married and it’s time to start living their life together rising Joshua. Now if only the Queens of the Sidhe and the Dark One would get on board with that plan Hoyt could focus on dealing with just how long, or short, that life might be.
Link(s) to Story: AO3 or the LJ Master Post
Author's Notes (Optional): The third and final of the major stories of my The Jason and Hoyt Trilogy. What started over three years ago as a simple wedding fic turned into a near 100,000 word story that I owe to love_vargas. Without her I would never have had the guts to write this or finish it so thank you.
Tags: fandom: true blood, round 4

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