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Get your muses going!

Sign ups begin in two weeks! A big thank you to all of your who have suggested comms/fandoms. We will be having banner suggestions like last year (I'll probably make the post next Monday).  But here are all the details for this year's Sci-Fi/Fantasy Big Bang.

If you have any questions, this is the post to ask (or feel free to PM me or drop an email at yappichick [at] hotmail [dot] com)

Timeline for 2011:
February 1: Artist sign-ups begin
May 1: Artist sign-ups end
July 1: Artist claims open
August 1: Art due

April 1: Beta sign ups begin
June 15: Betas get assignment
July 2: Betas receive rough draft
July 17: Rough drafts go back to author

Cheerleaders/Alpha readers:
March 1: Claiming starts
February 1: Author sign-ups begin
February 28: Author sign-ups end
March 1: Writing time begins
April 1: Author Check-In #1
May 1: Author check in #2
June 1: Author check in #3
June 30: Writing time ends
July 1: Rough drafts due
July 17: Get stories back from beta
August 1: Stories due

The Info:

Authors will be required to write a fic with no less than 25,000 words.  At the beginning of each month, starting April 1, we will have an author check in poll.  If you miss two monthly check-ins in a row, you will be dropped from the big bang. (Don't worry though, I will PM you before your name gets dropped from the list.)

Your fic must be from a sci-fi or fantasy based fandom/original world.  (I'm pretty open when it comes to what fits under the umbrella.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.)  Your story will need to be beta-read.  Beta sign-ups will begin on April 1, after the first author check-in.  You are more than welcome to use your own beta (whether they are on LJ or not).

We will have an archive set up over at AO3 for this year's big bang stories.  Don't have an account? No worries.  More details will be coming out closer to the posting date.  (Don't forget to archive your previous Big Bang stories there if you have an account and haven't already done so.)


What are the requirements for a fic?
A fic must be at least 25,000 words and beta read before posting. A rough draft must be completed before the due date indicated above. The 25,000 words can be split in chapters or as linked stories at the discretion of the author.

What are the requirements for art?
After artist claiming, artists are required to create at least one piece of art for their fic. More than one piece of art is not required, but an artist can make as much art for their assigned story. Art should be created specifically for the piece the artist chooses. Posters, banners, icons, wallpapers, manips, digital art, drawings, paintings, vids, fanmixes...all are acceptable forms of art. If you're unsure if your style of art qualifies, don't hesitate to ask a mod.

What fandoms are acceptable?
Any fandom that has a science fiction or fantasy element. If you're unsure if your fandom meets that requirement, ask a mod.

Are crossovers allowed?
Yes. As long as one of the fandoms is rooted in sci-fi/fantasy, crossovers are awesome.

Can I use a WIP?
Yes, but you still need to write another 25k (more or less) to the story. It's not fair if you only have 500 more words and then sign up for the challenge. Also, no posting additonal parts to your story during the writing period. It is also acceptable if part of the WIP is written, but you cannot post anymore chapters until the deadline.

Can I sign up to be an author and an artist?
Absolutely. You can sign up across as many fields (author, artist, beta, alpha) as you feel you can handle.

Can I write a Real Person fic?
Sorry, but this challenge is only open to the awesome characters in the sci-fi/fantasy fandom.

Can I write a sequel or prequel to a previous fanfic?
Of course!

Can I write an AU where characters from a non-sci-fi/fantasy fandom are thrown into a sci-fi/fantasy universe? (i.e. How I Met Your Mother cast on a space station)
Yes, as long as there are distinct details that make it sci-fi/fantasy (changing the name of a city to a space station name but keeping everything else the same isn't going to fly).

Can I write an original fic?
Absolutely as long as it fits into the sci-fi/fantasy realm, you're set!

I signed up to write Fandom A, but now I want to write Fandom B. Can I switch?
Yes. Just make sure to let a mod know.

Have any other questions? Ask here!
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