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It's Big Bang Time again...woot!

First of all, a HUGE thank you to sanadafaye  for the new layout :D :D

Signups will be coming up, but here's the details for the 2010 Sci-fi/Fantasy Big Bang

The Timeline:

March 1st to March 31st:
Writer/artist sign-ups begin
April 1st:
Writer sign-ups end/writing period begins
To Be Announced:
Artist sign-ups end
July 31st:
Writing period ends/stories go to betas
August 14th
Beta'd stories go back to author
August 15th to August 31st:
Posting schedule to be announced

The Questions: (well, some of them, feel free to ask any other questions)

1. Are crossovers allowed?

Yes. As long as one of the fandoms is rooted in sci-fi/fantasy, crossovers are awesome. Personally, I'm aching for a Star Wars/CSI crossover. :D

2. Can I use a WIP?

Yes, but you still need to write another 25k (more or less) to the story. It's not fair if you only have 500 more words and then sign up for the challenge. Also, no posting additonal parts to your story during the writing period.

3. Can I sign up to be an author and an artist?

Absolutely. :D

4. Can I write a Real Person fic?

Sorry, but this challenge is open to the awesome characters in the sci-fi/fantasy fandom.

5. Can I write a sequel or prequel to a previous fanfic?

Of course!

6. Can I write an AU where characters from a non sci-fi/fantasy fandom are thrown into a sci-fi/fantasy universe? (i.e. How I Met Your Mother cast on a space station)

Yes, as long as their are distinct details that make it sci-fi/fantasy (changing the name of a city to a space station name but keeping everything else the same isn't going to fly).

7. Can I write an original fic?

Absolutely as long as it fits into the sci-fi/fantasy realm, you're set!

If you have any other questions, post them below. :D :D
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