August 25th, 2014


Wave Forms (The Death Gate Cycle-Weis & Hickman) PG-13

Title: Wave Forms
Author: Karrenia_rune
Artist: Hokuto
Fandom (or Original Fiction): The Death Gate Cycle-Weis & Hickman
Characters/Pairings (Optional): Samah/Orla, Fizban (Fitzgerald) Vasu, Ramu, Assorted Sartans
Genre (Optional): Drama
Rating: (If you are having trouble rating your story, try the MPAA Ratings or the Fan Rating System. Either is fine.)
Warnings/Enticements (Warnings non-optional, enticements optional): PG to PG-13
Word Count (Optional):10,047
Summary:Set Pre-Sundering during the protracted cold war with between the Sartans and their arch-enemies, the Patryns and how the fabled Council of Seven came to the fateful decision to split the world into his elemental component parts
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Flight of Landale (Phantasy Star series/Infinite Space crossover), General Audiences

Title: Flight of Landale
Author: tehexile
Artist: none
Fandom (or Original Fiction): Phantasy Star series/Infinite Space crossover
Characters/Pairings (Optional): No pairings. Mostly Rune, Wren or Demi-centric.
Rating: General Audiences on AO3
Warnings/Enticements (Warnings non-optional, enticements optional): Major spoilers including endgame. AU with original characters and some canon diversion. Features the main character of another story arc 'The Silent Zone', whose spaceship design is borrowed from EVE Online.
Word Count (Optional): 43,856
Summary: The finale of the series including 'Stereopathique' and 'Disappear', set immediately post-Phantasy Star IV. Rune has never had a serious fight with a light-based entity before, so he is busy training on Rykros when the Great Light ambushes him by possessing Sa-Lews. Fleeing to Zelan, he finds that Wren and Demi are attempting to build a spaceship capable of flight beyond the Solar System, with a plan to bring the fight to the Great Light. Their course is redirected by several teleport accidents and a very sketchy warp drive that was never going to work properly in the first place. They find unlikely allies both physical, when they are intercepted by a formidable fleet of space pirates who know a suspicious amount about their mutual enemies, and spiritual, when certain lost souls finally rejoin the Elsydeon.
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