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From Mission Impossible To MissionInfreakingsanity
15 August 2011 @ 04:04 pm
Title: Across The Borders Of Time
Author: not_from_stars
Artist(s): danceswithgary and whuffle
Media Link: DancesWithGary
Word Count: 37,255
Fandom: Primeval
Genre: Angst; Het and Slash
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Abby Maitland/Hilary Becker, Danny Quinn/Connor Temple
Summary: Captain Becker was forced to watch as Abby, Danny and Connor went through an anomaly to prevent Helen Cutter from destroying mankind. After Connor is hurt, Danny sends Abby ahead of them to stop Helen no matter what she has to do. Unfortunately, after killing Helen, Abby returns to the site of the anomaly -- only to watch it close before she can go through it. This leaves Abby trapped in the Pleistocene with no way of getting back home, and with no way of letting the people who love her know that she's alive.
Warnings/Spoilers: This is an AU of the last episode of Series 3 and into Series 4.
Author’s Notes: This story has been a labor of love, emphasis on the labor part. I want to thank my beta and cheerleader, enochiansigils, for holding my hand through this and not letting me give up. danceswithgary made me an awesome wallpaper I use on my netbook and a matching icon and she was so infinitely patient with me as I struggled with this story, I want to make sure she gets her thanks for that and for being willing to work with me -- and she cheered me along. I want to thank whuffle for making me extra pretties to go with this and also want to thank whuffle and morrigans_eve for adding their encouragement to that of enochiansigils so that I could stick to writing this.

Links to Chapters With Art:
Chapter One || Chapter Two || Chapter Three || Chapter Four || Chapter Five || Chapter Six || Chapter Seven || Chapter Eight || Chapter Nine || Chapter Ten || Chapter Eleven || Chapter Twelve || Chapter Thirteen || Chapter Fourteen

Text Only Link At AO3: Here
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Duty & Devotion
Title: And All The Stars Burned Bright
Author: roseandheather / roseandheather
Fandom: The Inspector Lynley Mysteries/Star Trek
Genres: Romance/Sci-Fi
Word Count: ~49K
Rating: M
Pairings: Barbara Havers/Tommy Lynley, Shannon Reed/Carly Doherty, others
Content Advisory: Character death, f/f romance, het sex, het romance, nasty space battles, romance novel prose, plot

In 2371, Commander Barbara Havers is assigned as First Officer to the USS Providence under the command of Captain Thomas Lynley. She is from London's still-poor East End, with a chip on her shoulder, a hair-trigger temper and a sarcastic streak to match. He was schooled at Eton and Oxford and born to one of Starfleet's most legendary families, and his sense of well-meaning superiority is long-standing and unshakable. The assignment should have been a disaster.

But against the backdrop of the rising Dominion threat, the disappearance of one of Starfleet's own, and the bloodiest war the Federation had ever faced, the Captain and the Commander will discover a bond more powerful than they had ever expected - a bond that blossoms into the love of a lifetime. As they fight for the very survival of the Alpha Quadrant, that bond will be tested to its limit. In the heat of battle, at the edge of survival, they will forge a romance that crosses all boundaries of class, family background, and first impressions - and learn that, while some partnerships are written in the stars, in the end, the only force more powerful than destiny is love.

my moral standing is lying down
15 August 2011 @ 09:13 pm
Title: The Emperor's Fury
Author: valtyr
Fanmixer: penumbren
Beta: penumbren
Wordcount: 40,000
Fandom: Ultimate Marvel
Rating: NC-17
Paring: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Summary: Steve is an ex-gladiator. Tony wears a toga. Together, they litigate civil cases. Also a surprising amount of boating
Warning: Slavery.
Author's note: This is Rome-ish AU, which is to say I took a vague idea of Ancient Rome and mutilated it horribly. If you're sensitive to historical accuracy, this may distress you. It's all just an excuse to make Tony wear a toga.

The wonderful penumbren did me two fanmixes, one with traditional Roman music! Click on the images to go to her journal entries for them.

Fanmix 1: Arma Virumque Cano

Fanmix 2: Es, Bibe, Lude

And of course, fic.

Read at AO3! All comments and feedback loved

(penumbren posting on behalf of valtyr as zie is having posting difficulties.)