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a servant
11 August 2011 @ 10:54 pm
TITLE: SilentTown
AUTHOR: lo.sequence
ARTIST NAME: the_disillusion
MEDIALINK: (still pending! Will be posted at a later date!)
FANDOM: LazyTown/Silent Hill
PAIRING: Robbie Rotten/Stephanie, Sportacus/Stephanie (onesided, implied)
CHARACTERS: Robbie Rotten, Stephanie, Sportacus
GENRE: Horror
RATING: NC-17 for first chapter, R for later chapters for violence and language
SUMMARY: The fairytale happiness of LazyTown comes to an end when an archaic sacrifice goes horribly wrong. Everyone is left paying the price when Sportacus leaves forever.
WORD COUNT: 45,281
WARNINGS: Non-con, implied underage
AUTHOR'S NOTE: A larger, longer version of a crackfic I already did. I've never actually seen LazyTown. This is all based off what I've read on Wikipedia. It was merely an experiment to see if I could cross the two fandoms. 
BETAS: The wonderful defyingphysix  and the lovely lule_bell 
DISCLAIMER: Obvious this isn’t mine.