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Title: Down and Out in Underland
Author name: m_cobweb here, bloodyromantic on certain not-so-secret fic sites, including DW
Artist name: sobota
Word Count: 29,740
Fandom: Alice in Wonderland, Burtonverse and Carrollverse
Rating: NC17, just to be safe
Main Characters and/or pairings: Ilosovic Stayne/Casiphia Rhoswen (OC), Alice Kingsleigh/Tarrant Hightopp, Hamish Ascot/? ;-)
Genre: Adventure, Romance
Summary: When Hamish Ascot falls down the rabbit hole into Underland and ends up in the Outlands, Queen Mirana sends her champion, Alice, and a group of her cohorts to retrieve him.
Warnings: A bit of bondage, rough sex (all very consensual)
Author's Notes (if any): Thanks to sobota for all the work she did on the clever and perfect chapter headings! I can lay claim only to the characters of Casiphia and Idorea; the remainder belong to Linda Woolverton and Lewis Carroll.

Chapters 1-4
Chapters 5-8
Chapters 9-12
Chapters 13-16
Chapters 17-20
Chapters 21-24
Chapters 25-29
Chapters 30-35