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Title: Mortal Engagement
Author name: pairatime
Artist name:
Media Link (if applicable): To be added later
Word Count: 39, 337
Fandom: True Blood
Rating: R (language)
Main Characters and/or pairings: Jason/Hoyt, Cast and OC.
Genre: slash, dark drama, Cannon AU
Summary: After the long summer five years ago Bon Temps has quieted down. But now Arlene wants Jason and Hoyt to have a wedding, Lafayette is wishing he never started studying magic, Eric wants the weekend to just be over, Sookie wants Jason to just grow up, Hoyt just wants Jason and Jason isn’t sure what he wants and Pam just wants humans to stop being annoying.
Warnings: Non graphic drug use, prostitution. Violent imagery and use of blood
Author's Notes (if any): Note Page with spoilers

Master Post

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Part three Part four

Note Page with spoilers

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Title: Crossing Into Established Events
Author name: foxrafer
Artist name: emmypenny
Media Link: Download this great fanmix: If Next Time Is This Time, Then This Time We'll Get It Right
Word Count: 39,614 words
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: PG13
Main Characters and/or pairings: Martha/Nine, Ten
Genre: gen, het
Summary: Martha accidentally finds herself in the wrong Doctor's TARDIS. But sorting out that confusion is put on hold as they must come to the aid of the Librarian and stop a mysterious alien from erasing the significant intergalactic achievements across the universe.
Warnings: Minor character death, some angst
Author's Notes: Spoilers for Season 1, and Season 3 through "Blink."

Huge thanks to my betas! To ribby, who helped talk me down from many cliffs, who kept my internal critic at bay, who was always available to bounce ideas off of or to talk about the characters, and who wrestled my first long fic into something presentable. To mooms, who helped make sure my characters sounded British, provided a great overall second edit, and gave me some lovely feedback. And to girlgriot, who gave me tons of encouragement and helped with all my last-minute grammar and punctuation questions when I even started to forget how to spell my own name. Thanks to all of you!

Thanks to emmypenny for the wonderful fanmix; please check it out and let her know what you think. And thanks to the scifibigbang mods for organizing this and being so helpful throughout the process and so kind to a novice big bang writer.

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