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The Adorable and Fantastic


Title: Pieces
Author name: lule_bell
Artist name: faberrys2
Word Count: 30,050
Fandom: FBL - V (2009) / Fringe Crossover
Rating: R
Main Characters and/or pairings: Erica Evans / Olivia Dunham
Genre: AU
Summary: Takes place after Fringe's "Marionette" but before "The Firefly" and V (2009)'s "Laid Bare" but before "Unholy Alliance". Spoilers up to those episodes, respectively.
After the events in "Marionette", Olivia Dunham transfers out of Fringe division in Boston and into Manhattan's V Task Force. She is partnered with Erica Evans and the two must work out their mutual emotional traumas in order to stop the invading V forces.
Warnings: Mild language and some violence; implied femslash
Author's Notes (if any): Written for scifibigbang's 2011 Big Bang.
Many thanks to my lovely betas serenitymeimei, altlivia, linguology, lo_duclavier ny2ca and Annie.

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( Part Two I )
( Part Two II )
( Part Three )


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