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31 January 2011 @ 03:19 pm
The Rules:
1. You must join and watch the comm. I can't give you posting access if you don't join and watching will allow you to see any updates.
2. Stories must have a minimum length of 25,000 words and must fit in the sci-fi/fantasy realm. If you're not sure, ask over here.
3. There is no posting before your assigned posting date.
4. Stories must be beta read.
 5. All stories must have proper warnings (ratings, non-con warnings, etc.) If in doubt: if you wouldn't let your mother read it, then slap a warning on it.
6. A rough draft of your story is due by July 1st at midnight.

31 January 2011 @ 03:43 pm

1. You will need to create at least one piece of art or a video to accompany one of the Big Bang stories. You are more than welcome to create more.
2. Art can be any type you wish: drawings, cover art, manips, etc.
3. You will be able to post your art on your own journal or site, but not until the posting date.

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