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28 May 2009 @ 09:49 pm

Writer Rules and Sign Up Form.

The Rules:

1. Stories must have a minimum length of 25,000 words. The more words, the better.
2. AUs and Crossovers are both allowed.
3. You can post your story on your own journal or site, but no posting until the posting date.
4. Stories have to have a beta reader. 
5. All stories must have proper warnings (ratings, non-con warnings, etc.)  If in doubt, if you wouldn't let your mother read it, then slap a warning on it.


Copy and paste the answers to sign up

LJ username:
Author name (if different):
Email where we can reach you: (Comments will be screened)
Will you need a beta?
28 May 2009 @ 10:00 pm
1. You will create need at least one piece of art or a video to accompany one of the Big Bang stories. 
2. Art can be any type you wish: drawings, cover art, manips, etc..
3. You will be able to post your art on your own journal or site, but not until the posting date.

Since we have so many fandoms, I'm going to post the authors and their fandoms, that way you can claim them if you see one that you would like to make art for their story.  As the authors post info about the basic details of their story, I will link to it. (Click the fandom link).


Artist/Author Sign Ups
thefrogg Babylon 5 
gothic_veils Being Humanfizzyblogic 
ru_salki99 Chuck  dergerm 
denyce Dark Angel glitter_noire 
aravistarkheena DC Comic Universe 
iesika DC Comics 
nowcarpediem Doctor Who  mitashade 
gothic_veils Doctor Who/Star Trek 2009 Crossover  misshapenmuse 
_call_me_snake_ Escape from New York 
omorka Eureka/Buckaroo Banazi Crossover 
misaditas Farscape/Doctor Who Crossovermorgynleri_fic 
ykyapril Final Fantasy 7 enmuse 
dergerm Firefly nowgold
lvs2read Firefly ru_salki99 
nowcarpediem Fireflydivka 
xfirefly9x Firefly/Stargate SG-1 Crossover sanadafaye 
abby82 Forever Knight 
foxy11814 Forever Knight 
crazylittleelf Fringe nowgold
 beccastareyesFullmetal Alchemist crysty_twilight
thinkatory Harry Potter crysty_twilight
bearit Jade Empire yappichick 
bittersweet_fic Lost divka 
janie_tangerine Lost divka
lenina20 Lost bold_seer 
trillianastra Losthighonstargate 
scribewraith Mars 
dis_inclined The Matrix  yappichick 
timerunner74 The Matrix 
semisweetsoul Medium/Stargate: Atlantis Crossover 
toestastegood Merlinaeroport_art
a_mind_flip Original Fic  _call_me_snake_ 
nopejr Original Fic 
yeclek Original Fic 
were_lemur Pirates of the Carribean: AWE fizzyblogic 
omorka The Real Ghostbusters 
talkofcake Sanctuary 
nowcarpediem Sarah Connor Chronicles sanadafaye 
ambassador_gav Star Trek: The Next Generation  oparu 
oparu Star Trek: The Next Generation  yappichick 
acceb23 Star Trek: TNG/ Star Trek: Voyager Crossover  oparu 
redknightalex Star Trek: Voyager beccastareyes
vix_spes Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 
scifan1 Stargate: Atlantis 
semisweetsoul Stargate: Atlantis 
skandrae Stargate: Atlantis sanadafaye 
yappichick Stargate: Atlantis cazzblade 
alexcat Stargate: SG-1rightxhere 
by_starkiller Supernatural g_shadowslayer 
calamitycrow Supernaturalwede_fic 
janie_tangerine Supernatual the_silver_sun 
katsa_db_lover Supernatural/Angel Crossover sanadafaye 
diurnal_lee Supernatural/Dark Angel Crossover sanadafaye 
trillianastra Terminator Salvation/Doctor Who Crossover sanadafaye 
blackbird_song Torchwood  divka 
erikssiren Torchwood  misshapenmuse 
jones_and_i Torchwood crysty_twilight
nowcarpediem Torchwood  misshapenmuse 
huskyfriends Torchwood/Doctor Who Crossover laura_guerin 
knitchick1979 Torchwood/Doctor Who Crossover  yeclek 
darkdanc3r Transformers/SERRated Edge Crossover 
nowcarpediem Twilight 
morgynleri_fic X-Men, movie-verse 
zephyrprince X-Men, comic-verse enmuse
calleigh_j X-Men: Evolution enmuse
shadowbyrd  Torchwood rabecka